Pourhouse : Completed and on Display

The Pourhouse (on display)

acrylics on canvas

The Pourhouse looks great, and everyone loved the painting. I had a great sense of accomplishment when Tim Thompson, the guy who comissioned me, called me from their opening day, raving about the painting and how great it looked. For those who don’t know, I moved to St. Louis, MO this weekend so I can’t go visit the cafe yet but I will be stopping in on my next visit to Bloomington πŸ™‚ Here’s some pictures my parents took for me.
First picture is the staff that made the whole thing happen. Tim Thompson in standing at the lower left side of the painting. He was a great encouragement throughout this project. Last photo is my family with the painting πŸ™‚

**EDIT** March 14
I had the chance to go back to Indiana to visit friends and such, and found the time to head to The Pourhouse! So here’s and updated photo of me with it, and I signed it this time, haha.

The most frustrating part is how big it seemed in my studio by taking up most of the room, and how small it looks on the wall!! No one knows how much I anguished over this. And of course, after I handed it over, I noticed a thousand things I should’ve fixed/spent more time on. I’m considering re-doing this piece in the future when I have the money to fund it, and do it properly. After more acrylic experience of course. But there it is, first completed commissioned piece of 2008 πŸ™‚

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