Von and Gabe WIP 03 – AHH SKIN DX

Mkay…so when it comes to painting skin, I’m still retarded (I lucked out on The Pourhouse, it was the result of a lot of frustration). Here’s current standing of the painting of Von and Gabe. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should’ve done this on a smaller scale, but I’m determined to make this work. I’m focusing on her as opposed to Gabe right now, as he has all sorts of colors that I don’t even want to talk about right now.

The part I’m trying to focus on for now is the buttom left corner, the neck area/side of face area. I’ve tried the whole “look at it from a distance and squint” to see the values, but I’m having a hard time getting everything right with this one. I’m getting closer than I was before (I covered up some REALLY bad mistakes haha XD) but I’m still getting somewhat stuck. I’m going to walk away from it for 30 minutes- 1hour and work on it more. Von is coming over today and i was hoping to at least have the face partially decent before she came. Maybe I will, won’t be for a while still.

What I’m doing (if I’m doing something wrong please do tell me) : My best combination for skin tones (which I discovered while doing The Pourhouse) is raw sienna + white. Which makes a decent skin tone, adding one or the other to lighten or darken the skin. Raw sienna is put down in some areas just to indicate where shadow is for later.
For the shadow above, I started with straight raw sienna, then varying degrees of some blue (ultramarine)
I’m thinking to push the shadow, I might just add a bit more blue, and/or darken some of the sienna.

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