On-Site Sketches

I haven’t gotten out much lately to do some life-drawing, but I was meeting a girl at Starbucks today to sell her my airbrushes, so I took my moleskine sketchbook with me to doodle a bit. I brought my watercolors thinking I would add some color, but last time I added color to an on-the-spot sketch it looked kinda bad. So, just linework for now. This is the view from my seat towards S Old Orchard Road.

And then I was getting bored, so I did a sketch of my rat, Manson, that I had on my phone.
I need a new scanner, badly. The background is blue and his cap is blue/grey, and the shading on his rear is also blue, but it all just looks…brownish now.

I’ve actually had the chance to get out of the house a bit so I haven’t sat down and worked on my other things. Tomorrow though, I promise updates on the painting and graphite portrait.

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