What I’ve Been Up To

Quick update to prove that I’m not dead, nor am I sitting on my rear doing nothing.
I did finish Opposites Attract and it was given to the person who asked for it, but I’ll have to wait to get a final picture of it.
Got my snakebites done. on May 5th. I loves them.

For those who don’t know, we had a cat in our family for 17 years (Jake) and his health has been slowly going downhill until it plummeted about 2 weeks ago, right before I visited Indiana. While I was there, we had to put him to sleep. His health problems were becoming so overwhelming that the finances were getting high and the stress on him wasn’t something we wanted him to have in his last memories. I got this tattoo in memory of him and I love it. I may get the eyes darkended up a bit more, but I wear it with pride nonetheless.
The tattoo on the wrist on the left was the same as the right, until I covered it with a rose. This is my friend Von. We’re going to see how this one heals up and wait to do the second.

Second session of one my bigger projects right now – he brough me the face on the front of his leg and I had to draw up the scorpion (which proved to be harder than I was expecting, and learned a bit from), here’s the progress thus far. Color isn’t very bold here because he was bleeding a bit, updates will come later.

Yeah, so, I suck at airbrushing? Not so much really but the first compressor we used sucked ass which made this piece nearly unbearable, but I was able to finish it with a new compressor which worked much more easily. I’m still settling down and gearing up to attempt color, but there ya go. My first attempt at airbrushing.

Recognize this piece? She’s going to a walking marathon for breast cancer in a few weeks and wanted it to be that much clearer that -she- was a survivor, not just a supporter of the research. We added “Survivor” to the piece today, and I think it gave it a very nice touch 🙂

This guy is so dedicated to this piece and to have it finished, but he’s having a very difficult time sitting for long sessions. This is the second session, the color on the dragon itself. This is the outline I was working on when my dad called me to tell me that Jake had to be put down, so I wasn’t in the best of inking moods while working on the outline, also determining a second session. He started shaking so I told him I”d rather have to do a 3rd session than to have him pass out on me, so there ya go.


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