PoseManiacs and Tattoo

Poking around on the internet I’ve stumbled upon posemaniacs.com a few times, and decided to check out the “30 second drawing” section. You set a timer (15-90 seconds) and it flashes through different poses to sketch out. I set it for 45 seconds and gave it a shot. You can see the first page is a bit more hesitant than the next 2 layout pages. I’m thinking I’ll give myself more time the next time I try it but I think this could really help my on-site sketching skills by using this 🙂

Tattoo below is a large piece I did on a client the other night. He had the jester and a small black/grey piece on the inside of his arm, plus some stars on the backside and a cross underneath, but I filled in everything with smoke, skull faces in the smoke, and just, skulls! It came out pretty nicely. I only have a decent shot of the frontside, which is where I did the majority of the work, anyway.

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