Moving the Shop and a Loss

Update one, we’re more than likely moving the tattoo shop I work in up to St. Louis. We’re getting slaughtered in Crystal City, the whole town is dead. That paired with the many scratchers in town are bringing us down. If you’re not licensed and/or not working a licensed shop, STOP FUCKING UP MY INDUSTRY. I don’t give a shit that you can draw or that you think you have professional equipment. If you’re not trained properly, you have no business fucking people up that I have to fix later.

Update two, some of you may know my precious rat, Aragorn, has been battling a cancer/tumor battle for the last year. Three surgeries have gone by and his 5th and 6th tumors popped up and began growing so fast it was making my head spin. If I were to be greedy I’d continue with the surgeries to make myself happy with continuing to have him here, but what about his long term? That much anesthesia, surgery, medication? On top of his age wouldn’t have been a good thing. I had to make a decision I didn’t want to make yesterday, and I had him put to sleep peacefully. I still cry thinking about it because I miss him so much, but it truely was the best thing for him…I’ll be doing a few memorial pieces for him, including a possible tattoo for him as well. He was my heart rat and I’ll always miss him. I’ll have his ashes returned to me next week.

I’ll make a decent art update later this week.


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