NEW URL, Finished Commission, Collaboration

So, update your bookmarks 🙂


I apologize for the picture not being the best. I took it on my phone before I handed it over. The face looks better than the photo would suggest, and client was very happy with it. The horse’s name was Thunderbolt and she’s giving the painting to her father for his birthday. I was honored to be able to do this for her and for him.

I don’t normally work with oils, but my roommate was wanting to do something together, paint-wise. So we decided that since oil stays wet and could be manipulated over time, to set up a canvas, and just start painting, and see where it goes. We don’t have a theme, no particular direction for it, its just going to develop. Check back for more updates 🙂

Oil on canvas
Artists : Kae Lunde and Caitlyn Muncy

Caitlyn working on our chaos

Beginning of the underpainting?

Where the painting stands as I update this.

This particular corner is my work for the night. I’m happy with it for now. Depending on how the rest of the painting goes, I think I’m going to leave this corner alone. But, if it goes in another direction, who knows.

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