Mother’s Day Tulips ’10 WIP 1 and Finished Cabin Commission!

This painting will be hiding out on my art blog rather than twitter/facebook. Why? Because it is this year’s mother’s day gift. Its a tradition now, I paint/draw/create an image of tulips every year for her. I believe I missed last year, due to a trip to WV to visit a friend, and then to STL to finalize my divorce. Shame on me 😦 But this year, it will be ammended. I’m hoping for this to be the best piece thus far. First year was in acrylics, but very…I don’t know how to describe it. Uneducated? Haha. Second year was oil pastels, which I still like but should’ve taken more time on. This year, however, I am bumping it up and notch and am painting a parrot tulip. My reference image is red/yellow/white, but as you can see I’ve done a purple underpainting. I’m still debating as to which color I will do. First year’s was purple/blues, second was magenta/pinks, and I’m considering going ahead and doing the yellow/white/red combo just as a challenge. I like how this is turning out so far, and hope it comes out just as well.

acrylics on canvas
And before I forget! I finished the Cabin commission, finally. I’ll get a better photo later, apologies.
acrylics on canvas 20″x20″

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