I apologize for the lack of updates. This will be fixed soon. I am not on my home computer at the moment so I do not have any images to put up in this post, but I have just recently acquired a secure connection at home, which means I will be much more active online. I hope to begin IllustrationFridays again, will be posting links to friends, etsy, and other art sites.

I have recently found Total Art Soul, which is a really awesome site. If you want to join a free community with awesome artists and get free exposure, this is the place to be. My blog entry about my Canvas Dreamcatchers has nearly 800 views already in less than 2 months.

The other day, I dropped my management position at my day job to drop down to part time and do delivery, which in theory will make me as much if not more than I’m making now with the students coming back and all. This extra time will give me more time to focus on my art and promoting my tattoo business.

I’m going to update the layout of the blog, hopefully organize it some, and will make another update with actual photos in the next couple of days!

Love ❤
Kae Lunde

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