What I’ve been up to today

My little cousin has been having nightmares, so my aunt commissioned me for a dream catcher for him. He wants bumble bees, with white, black, purple, and yellow as the main colors. I sent her this today to be approved before I move forward.

More progress on Grapes and Wine. Added more shade to the bowl, defined the shelf a bit more, and added the green grapes. thought I’d include a full shot today.

Having a bit more trouble with this piece, trying to get shades right. Became frustrated with this one very quickly and had to stop after an hour or so. I find if I work while frustrated I just mess things up even more. If anyone has any advice (color mixes, approach, etc), I’m all ears.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to today

  1. Well, I don't see the reference so I'm not sure what to say but I'd suggest using darker grey greens because the hills suggest the sun is going down and that usually casts a blue shadow over things. I hope that helps. =)


  2. Bevin – The photo was actually taken around 3-4pm (if I remember correctly) and the only shadows are actually in the foreground because there was a massive hill behind me when I took the photo. The finished painting is up now, but thanks so much! My biggest issue I think was the farthest hill.


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