Gerber Daisy + Misc Babbling

“Gerber Daisy : Beauty”
Watercolor and ink

This is an impromptu piece I did for a friend of mine who is going through a rough time. I will be bringing this to her tomorrow at her workplace, hopefully.

I haven’t worked much with watercolors, but in the midst of cleaning/re-organizing my little home studio today, I realized I have many types of mediums that I don’t work with much. However, instead of tossing them or giving them away, I figure I might as well use them. I bought them for a reason, so, I need to find ways to use them up. I might rediscover a love for some mediums along the way. I used to LOVE charcoal, but the texture/sound aspect turned me away from it for a while. I also stopped portraiture/graphite for a long time. I think I may have pushed past that block with the most recent drawing of my godson, though.

Anyways. I have written down WC’s scavenger hunt for the week and IllustrationFriday’s topic, and laid out a daily art plan for the week. I need to start being diligent on my Christmas projects. I say every year that I’m going to finish them all, and I think this year may be the first year I actually hold to that sentence. I already have 2 done, and 2 in the works.

Anyways, until tomorrow!!

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