WIP”s and a finished mixed media

Hello all!!! This first piece is a WIP for my parents. It is from a photo of 3 of their cats peering longingly out the sliding glass door. I added their 4th cat (who hates the aforementioned 3) in the background. I’m trying to keep this loose but recognizeable, and I’m happy with how this one is coming along.

11″x14″ acrylics on canvas

And for my first commissioned Christmas gift this year, my friend/roommate Von has asked me to do this painting from a photo of her grandfather and a squirrel for her mother. The photo is black/grey, and I haven’t done a black and grey painting in a while, but I am looking forward to this one as it progresses.

16″x20″ acrylics on canvas

And this piece was my “play” piece for the day. Ink and watercolor on paper
“Entangled” 3.25″x9.5″
This piece is available for purchase on my Etsy

Kae Lunde


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