Tattoos and Other Projects

This tattoo is something I started back in 2007. We lost contact and he took it to another artist, who didn’t take their time and well, it looked horrible. So, he hunted me down again and I can now work my magic on it. He had to tap out early, but we got the whole piece re-outlined, and the angel herself re-shaded. I’m happy with how its coming out and look forward to finishing it.
My banner on the left, Alliance banner on the right by Caitlyn Muncy. Done for the WoW : Cataclysm Release Event we held at our local Applebee’s.
Acrylics on linen, 1.5’x3′

Alliance : Night Elf painting finished. This piece is for sale, see Etsy link for prices and shipping!
Acrylics on canvas, 16″x20″
Painting a wooden jewelry box for my sister for Christmas. Hoping she’ll like it! This is the base color for the inside, with pink camo fabric inserted in the compartments. This one has a long way to go!

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