Merry Christmas, all!!

This Christmas has been the best I’ve had, ever ^__^ Friends, family, traveling, garlic prime rib, snow, art supplies, and now, a kitty curled up between me and the laptop, haha.

My grandparents liked their painting of the South Dakota black hills so much that they called me and said they were getting it framed on Monday! Von’s Day of the Dead jewelry box went over very well.

I have a few more to hand out, still (Mandy’s, Mike/Angela’s, and my grandmother’s), and very much looking forward to it. Got a bunch of canvas and will be doing more smaller-size projects this year. I’m SO excited about the art I’m going to produce this year, in addition to where Xenographics will go! For those who don’t know, I introduced another artist under the Xenographics name : my friend Caitlyn Muncy is now a part of the fine art division.

No art update today, sorry! Working on a dreamcatcher that’s due by tomorrow evening and some tattoo sketches for later this week.

Hope everyone’s holidays were awesome!!!

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