Tiredness and The Virgin Death WIP

I apologize for the lack of updates.

Its really no excuse to not be updating, but this pregnancy is throwing me for a loop. I’m usually pretty active during the day, and I’ve been SO lethargic. I want to sleep most of the day and it takes a lot of energy to even do simple things like dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc. I have had lots of ideas for art, however I haven’t been even sketching. Why? I don’t know. Laziness, being consumed with thinking of other things.

Pregnancy : I had my first doctor’s appointment yesterday. Everything’s looking good so far. Despite my weight they think my height will help me through this pregnancy. I hope so. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow morning (OMG EXCITED) and I hope to see the baby/maybe hear the heartbeat! I can hardly contain myself.

I did do some artwork today though, that I’d like to share.
Taking a different approach to this. I started this piece a long time ago and didn’t like how it was progressing. I found the inspiration to sit down today and hack away at this for a while and I”m happy with the results thus far. I like the radioactive symbols over her cape. I will be reworking the roses, lining everything again, and maybe tweaking the background a bit more. This has come a long way today!
24″x36″ Acrylics on canvas

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