WIP Acrylic Painting

Been incredibly lethargic and lazy about my artwork as of late. I’m ready for the second trimester to get here and my energy to come back.

But…anyways. I’ve had this painting floating around in my head for a few days, I decided it was time to finally pull the paints out and start it. I thought I’d only have time to start the underpainting. Well. Raine was taking a bit longer to get ready than I thought, so I just went for it. This is where the painting sat when I walked away from the easel tonight. I slept in pretty late today, so when I get home I may be able to work on it more. If not, I’ll work on it more tomorrow evening after work.

Acrylics on canvas

Oh yes. Raine and I are engaged!!! Wedding April 13 🙂

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