Candy Coated Chaos : Art Exhibit

Candy Coated Chaos is an art exhibit that took place on April 22-23 at The Lodge in downtown Bloomington, Indiana, in support of Middleway House and Committed to Freedom Ministries. In addition to beautiful artwork, there was an auction on a few of the pieces, wine tasting, candy scattered throughout the exhibit hall, giveaways, live music, and more! Many great artists came together to pull off this event, and Xenographics was proud to be represented by having Kae Hutchens’ art displayed with many other wonderful Bloomington artists. Did you miss it? Make sure to add us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and invitations to events like these!

Pieces featured : Concentration, The Virgin Death, Art and Fear, and Lillith.
Pieces up for auction : Bleeding Hearts (dream catcher) and a $100 Xenographics gift certificate.

Please click the link below for photos!

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