Lotus Dreams and Mother’s Day Tulips

“Lotus Dreams”

This was a commissioned dream catcher, and she requested that in the background, there be gold stars in the shape of a lotus constellation. I think it came out well and the client was happy with the results, so, a job well done πŸ™‚

I like making dream catchers of my own design, but I’ve really enjoyed all the ones have been requested of me. I like hearing others’ ideas for these pieces I’ve conjured, and using their ideas and taking my own twist on them in the design. I do hope that one day I’ll find a bigger market for these so that I can make MANY and know that they’ll sell in a reasonable amount of time. In attempts to get them out there, one of the pieces I contributed to the Candy Coated Chaos exhibit was Bleeding Hearts, which successfully was auctioned off and proceeds to charity. Maybe one day I’ll get a larger audience πŸ™‚

“Mother’s Day Tulips 2011”

Anyone who has followed this blog for a year or more knows that every year for Mother’s Day, I do a piece of artwork with a tulip theme for my mom. If ever one year I am so broke that I cannot afford to buy her some, I know that I’m still gifting her favorite flower, even if its on canvas or paper. My intent was to do this in the style that I did “Lillith”, but upon actually approaching the canvas I realized I wouldn’t know how to do it with a floral subject, seeing as I’ve only done figural. So, my plan is to mess around with the concept more and see if I can pull it off. If I can, maybe I can give her a couple more small pieces throughout the year of my experiments. We shall see.

Anyways. Tomorrow, I intend to do another page/spread for The Sketchbook Project, and I have more tattoo-related work to do.

Logging off for the night to finish some laundry and cleaning. Thanks for reading!


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