Acrylics on birch board


I strongly believe that every piece of art will guide the artist in the correct direction, and this was an odd example.

I was reading a blog article on motivation last week and the simple message it portrayed about being stuck was to “paint about it”. My thoughts were “Ha, easier said than done, or else I wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place”. Well, some stress as of late has been weighing heavily on my mind and was distracting me from working on this piece. I knew something had to be done.

So…I painted about it. My frustration. Feeling overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do. This was in no way supposed to turn into a self portrait of sorts, but it (apparently) did. The mind is an odd thing at times. I really don’t know how to describe to people that this piece in particular felt more like madness than it did like art. I’m pleased with the end result, which ultimately, is what I’m going for with everything I produce that is pulled off the easel.

I will likely be displaying this piece at a local restaurant, so if anyone was interested in purchasing this piece, shoot me a message.



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