Weekly Goals and Something to Look Up To

I found this image online this week and decided to use it as my source of inspiration for the week.
I’m thinking about making it a point to get out of the house this week and find things to draw/paint, whether is people, a building, an object, an animal…whatever. Just to get out and do something. I am thinking it will also help while I work on The Sketchbook Project. There is so much beauty in the small simple things in life, and I think that will be my aim for the week.
In regards to other weekly goals, here’s what I’m looking at, and will hopefully be able to update you all on :
  • 1-2 entries in The Sketchbook Project 2012
  • Finish collaboration project with Catie Taylor (her schedule permitting)
  • Complete 1 item suitable for sale on Etsy

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