More on Collaboration

Tonight, I got the opportunity to do some more work on the collaborative piece with Catie.

I know it doesn’t look like a TON of progress but bear in mind a few things! This piece is pretty big, and there’s a lot of conversing over approach to this piece.

What I am finding I like about collaborations is just that, the approach. You can’t just dive into it headfirst, there’s another person’s style and input to consider. She’d think of things I wouldn’t have thought of, and vice versa.

Overall, I’m loving the experience and being able to just chat mindlessly about the piece and about other pieces, and how our experiences in painting outside of our current project is helping us through not only this one, but is giving us ideas for future collabs. I’m anxious to finish this one and to start thinking of more projects 🙂

And here is a photo of the piece straight on 🙂

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