Inspiring video and a tattoo idea

This video is so fucking cool.
This guy creates works that look like Bob Ross’s work in less than 30 seconds, that’s RIDICULOUS.
And inspiring!!


Very incomplete, and the keys are most certainly not a finished product, but this is a cover-up idea for a piece on my leg. This will hurt like a S.O.B., but will be worth it in the end. Will be very colorful.
I will update you with progress whenever I finish the design, but the next time you see this, hopefully it will be the outline on my leg.
The Sketchbook Project.
I have full intention to finish it, though I think my original plan was to have at least half of the book done before my son got here. I figured I wouldn’t have much time afterwards, as I’d be focused on my son.
Which turned out to be true.
And I didn’t do half of it before he got here, haha.
So now, I am playing catch-up. I went through and added some color to a few pages that were a little too boring. You’ll see this image again later when I upload the whole book in one post, but I thought I’d share this. This is the only page I did tonight in full (ink and color).
Its not fantastic, but I like it. Honestly, its the first time I’ve drawn my son. Which is sad because I should’ve been drawing him all along. I will be sketching little man tomorrow though, while he’s awake.
Until next time ~

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