UPDATE! on DAN WARREN! : Crimson Dagger Deathline Challenge

Remember my previous post about DAN WARREN!: Crimson Dagger Deathline Challenge?
Well, I haven’t. I wanted to give you all and update on how these goals I set up for myself are coming along. If anything, this is a way for me to see where I stand nearly 6 months after setting up said goals. So, here we go!

1.) Overhaul portfolio

Believe it or not, this is in progress. I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I will have a set of at least 10 drawings, 10 paintings, and 10 other craft-esque items to represent my traditional creativity as a whole. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

2.) Get into the habit of doing something creative daily (sketching, painting, reading, etc)

Almost! Almost daily. If I don’t have time to sketch or paint, I read. I have a few books on the creative lifestyle that I am reading, including 365 Days of Art (You’d think I WOULD be reading this every day), and The Artist’s Way. I’ve been also making use of my tablet and been doing some quick sketches. I’ll admit that I often get frustrated with these sketches and delete them. I shouldn’t do this, since I don’t throw away any of my traditional, physical art. Even if I save it to a drive that will never be seen by human eyes, I ought to start squirreling them away. As discussed in another post, I have been doing some gardening, which in its own way has been a creative release for me. But you can read that specific post for more information on that.

3.) Lose at least 50lbs to increase drive

Well…I am pretty proud of this one, too. I have lost 20 of the 50 I am aiming to lose. I’ve had a wonderful network of support via friends and family. I have been using WeightWatchers again, and also getting back into cooking. I feel that creating a beautiful (and tasty) dish has been a way of getting in something creative (again, almost daily). I’ve been walking more, which gets me and Tobias out of the house, and the exercise is just a plus. Losing 30 in 6 months might be pushing it a little, but I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

4.) Break the rules by having a 4th goal : This time last year I was entirely supported by my career as an artist : I want to get back to this. It was one of the greatest feelings I ever had!

I’m glad I “broke the rules” on this one. While not 100% self sufficient, my sales/art-related income have skyrocketed in comparison to how it was the previous 6 months. Being in the new studio has helped my tattoo business get back on track, as well as stir up a couple commissions and reason to stay busy in between.

I’m not nearly as behind as I thought on these goals, and hope to continue to make significant progress towards achieving these goals by the one year point. I’ve got almost 7 months to go, and I know I can knock these out. If you’ve been stuck, you really should check out the challenge. Even though starting now wouldn’t be a full year, there’s no better time to (re)start your plan for success than now!

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