Good Reads : Joe the Peacock

If you’re looking for a good read, you ought to check out Joe the Peacock‘s Blog.

I have only been following this blog for a couple months, but every chance I get, I go to my bookmarks (its been moved to the top of my bookmarks bar because I enjoy it so much), and read whatever is new, and a couple previously listed posts.

From real life experiences, humorous quips, and general advice, I’ve never been disappointed in a post on this page. He is honest, doesn’t sugar coat anything, and tells everything how it is. There have been many times I’ve pulled something out of a post of his (that maybe wasn’t even intended) and mulled over it. It has always resulted in something good, even if it was bringing a negative quality about myself to the surface, but the point is I’ve been able to examine it and change it. Whether its been through thought, or I’ve dealt with my inner demons through sketching and art.

Anyways. Cool guy, great posts, though provoking words of wisdom, 100% raw honesty.

Some of my favorite posts :
Chase Your Own Fucking Cars About ambition
Can You Let Them Burn?
YOU Don’t Look Like An Art Student
Shit and Die
You’re Goddamn Right I Judge People (And You Do Too) About traits of humanity


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