For The Love of Tabletop Gaming WIP 2

I hope that everyone is doing well today! I’m happy that I made some progress on this today. I worked a lot long than it looks! The detail work I did on the d4 (completed one on the left) didn’t translate well into photo, so I either need to work on it more, or use better lighting.

As I fill in this painting, I like it more and more. It is coming along more nicely than I had anticipated when I started it, that’s for sure. My son has kept the spirit alive while I’ve worked on this throughout the day by playing with his very own jar of dice on the floor next to me.

I’m glad to be back at the easel and painting again. No matter what kind of crafts I do (which has been a LOT, lately), nothing quite compares to painting on canvas.

I plan to do a little more work on this tomorrow, and who knows, I may finish the last panel in the series of herb paintings! We will see what the day holds!

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