Hummingbird – Finished

I’m pretty proud of this project, since I’ve never done something quite like this. I was amazed at how many brushes I used to finish this (okay, okay, I was just really lazy and didn’t feel like washing my brushes between colors/layers). I so rarely do anything that requires a finish anymore, that I panicked when I pulled away from holding the tiny delicate beak and found that my fingers had rubbed part of the paint away, GAH!

So after an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby to acquire said finish, I was able to come back and work more. And to my surprise, be able to complete it as well. Some of you know I have a 9 month old, so sometimes, significant progress on ANYTHING from day to day is well, impossible at times.

Client requested the base be left alone, which I think was a brilliant decision. I painted the leaves to fade to its natural wood color at the base, as well.

Original, unpainted piece.

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