Wrapped up in work

Got some work done at the studio today, it was good times. Had an early afternoon appointment, then I spent a long while (with an ice cold diet dr. pepper) working on some art for my appointment later this evening, and some future work.

I went from having 2-3 things to kinda work on to like…15. In a matter of days.

Won’t lie, I’m a little panicky as to how I’m going to get them all done, but after not having much to do business-wise for a few weeks, I’ll take what’s being thrown at me.

…and fit some time in for sanity, still.

Enjoyed tattooing today, and even more excited that I have one (possibly two) appointments set up for Friday. Plus all kinds of work that needs to be done out side of the tattoo studio/realm.

Items include some commissions, gifts, a t-shirt design for a local bar event, and a gift for my son’s upcoming birthday. Can’t believe that little munchkin is going to be a year old next month. Time flies.

Heading back to the drawing board (literally) and trying to knock items off of this to-do list!


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