Sketches and Skates

 Been a while since there has been an update!

I’ve been busting my rear to get ready for a trip I need to make this upcoming weekend, and my friends and clients are pulling through for me, and I’m incredibly grateful. I really hate asking people for money, but to ask them to let me work for it by doing what I love? I don’t feel so bad about that.

First image is the sketch for the first tattoo I did for the week. I plan to share a photo once it is healed, but I really enjoyed doing this. Was on her ribs.

Quick poll : what do you call the decor as pictured here? I’ve had clients/friends call them “whoopdedoos”, flowies, swirl(ies), etc. Just thought I’d ask!

 Tot he right is pictured my first draft for a Repo! The Genetic Opera themed tattoo and drawing, which I intend to make prints of. It features part of my favorite line in the movie. “And if you could have genetic perfection, would you change who you are, if you could?”

I found it powerful in a few ways, and knew that other Repo! fans would catch the reference. I’m excited to get this finished. I even have someone interested in the tattoo! (look for it next week, hopefully!)

Last photo is the tattoo I did bright and early yesterday morning. I was pleased with the outcome. This is the second local Roller Derby chick I’ve tattooed within the last month (the previous post’s Dalek tattoo). Was proud of the realism in the skate, specifically. She is a repeat client that I originally worked with way back in ’07/’08.

I’m really blessed with the awesome friends/clients I get to work with. 🙂

…I also have about 5 other photos I’d love to share and talk about but I can’t. One in particular I’m pretty sure I absolutely can’t share (because of viewing this blog), the other, I might get away with, but I’ll save all the W.I.P.’s for one final post when it is done.

Oh yeah…Christmas is coming up, isn’t it? Guess I ought to start working on those gifts.

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