Appreciation and Pencil Sketches

 Small hebrew tattoo that I did last week.  I appreciate the few people who do extensive research into their tattoos. While this appears to be pretty simple, the reasoning behind it and how he came to decide on it was pretty fascinating and impressive.

The photo is focusing on the new tattoo, but I also did the diamond on the bottom, and the text around the wrist above it.

I’m pretty humbled when people like him travel to get ink done by me. Its nice to be appreciated like that 🙂

 Sketchy doodle for an upcoming tattoo. Some modifications have been made since this but I was happy with how it came out. Trying to do more intricate work lately.

I’ve been better at sketching/doodling more, I’ve missed it. I want to sketch more, update this blog more, paint more.

And it will happen soon. We have been approved for a house that we will be renting soon. My time and space will change dramatically and I am welcoming it with open arms.

Last image is a tattoo I did last year, but healed.

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