Herman the Hiccuping Peacock

A short while ago, I vaguely made mention of a project that I wasn’t allowed to make very public at the time. Now, I can talk about it. Its not a huge deal really, but I was happy to be a part of it.

My late great uncle Joe Don Stanek wrote a short children’s story about Herman the Peacock. This story is about a peacock who cannot do the beautiful peacock yell – instead, he hiccups!

I was asked to illustrate some pages for this to be printed and handed out to other family members for Christmas. I was requested to use ink and colored pencils. Had I taken my own approach I may have used different medium so that it would have translated better in printing, but I digress.

 And for those who know me, children’s books are not really my…area. My portfolio has an abundance of blood, realistic work, and a generally “rough” appearance”. Besides my desire to have nothing to do with drawing peacocks after I was done with this, it wasn’t a bad experience.

It was fun to see my doodles in print, even if they weren’t in a mass publication. Anyways. My son has enjoyed looking at the drawings, and we have read it a couple times since Christmas.

I never got to meet my great uncle, so it was nice to be able to do a project “with” him.


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