Tribal and Custom Deck Boxes

This weekend, I applied a tribal tattoo to this young man’s shoulder. I haven’t done tribal for a while, so it was more enjoyable than usual. Back when I first started tattooing, I came in at the end of the tribal fad. So, I did a LOT of them. They look great when they are finished, but are pretty boring and repetitive in the application. Having not done one for a while made this a nice experience.

We have a friend in from out of town right now, so we’ve been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering. My EDH deck is coming along nicely, and I’m ready to do some heavy damage.

…that is, if I don’t get smashed first.

A friend and owner of a local game store asked me a little while ago to paint a card box for his Lord of the Rings Living Card Game decks. His original request was just the eye of Sauron. Well, I spent too long on it, then ran out of yellow paint, so instead of just doing the eye, I went all out and painted the whole box. I was pleased that he liked it.

In fact, some other people have asked me about custom deck boxes. I might do more and see if they’d sell. It could be a good project!

More coming, prepare yourselves!


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