Mice & Mystics Miniatures – Player Sculpts

I wrote an article about how painting miniatures from games can really bring them to life, but decided to drop a few thoughts here, as well. The photos here are the mice miniatures from the game, Mice & Mystics by Plaid Hat Games.

I should have taken some size comparison photos as well, because these stand no higher than a quarter on edge. The details on these were much more intense than those of the Circle Orboros battlegroup that I painted before.

I’m certainly not the world’s best miniature painter, but I believe that I am getting better, and I really enjoy it. I never thought I’d be the hobby painter type. I still love canvas painting and I don’t think my love for it will ever end, but this is certainly something I really love doing.

My next step is to paint the enemies, and they are primed and ready to go. You will probably be seeing a post about them within the next week or two, along with progress on some other miniatures.


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