Minis, Minis, Everywhere

I’ve been so busy with I : T that I’ve somewhat neglected my own blog, I will try to not do that anymore!

Obviously, the faces haven’t been messed with much yet, but here’s a preview of the madness I have going on with my Cryx battlegroup. Until this past weekend, this group was the last set of minis I had to paint to be done. Thankfully, the guys at my FLGS let me do a hefty trade-in of MtG rares to pick up a battlegroup I ordered a while ago (Retribution of Scyrah), and with my husband’s help, my Loremaster Screen for The One Ring RPG.

I’m pretty excited to run The One Ring campaign…I’m hoping to do a demo run for those my area that are interested, then if everyone likes the system, going forward with creating their own characters. If you haven’t looked into it, you should. I’ll be doing a review for the game closer to May on I:T, so be looking out for that.

Photo to the left is my current nightmare project. Heard of The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game? I hadn’t either until my friend at another game shop in town asked us if we would assemble/demo the game in exchange for the game itself. With 56 miniatures including the Goblin King and a large staging area, this is quite the undertaking. I’m so far behind on my self-made schedule for this game that I don’t know if I will have the chance to paint them before we demo the game. But we will see. I’ve painted a full set of minis in a day before, I just don’t know about FIFTY SIX. Oi.

And the last thing…I started a strange painting, and the sketch went nothing like I wanted. So I painted over it in blue and its just hanging out on my canvas. I’ll come up with something eventually, but for now, here’s a nice panel of nothingness.


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