Take Your Victories Where You Can

I’ve built some of my E.D.H. decks purely for fun, working off of a small handful of combos given to me across many cards. Oftentimes, I’m never given the chance to actually pull off these combinations, even small ones, due to being mana screwed, flooded, etc. I have won games here and there with my Izzet deck, but last night not only did I have an intense victory with Izzet, I also had one with Teneb.

Ah, Izzet. A lot of my cards allow me to counter, draw cards, and many other “lol nope” actions. My commander, Niv-Mizzet, works directly with those cards, allowing me to deal damage to creatures or players with each card draw. I have defeated my foes by simply “pinging” them to death before, but not in the way I want to. I have Tamiyo and Chandra in the deck as well which help me get to that sweet defeat, but nothing is as satisfying to me as Enter the Infinite. I have 105 cards in this deck.

Last night we played a 4-player E.D.H. game (which makes me incredibly nervous already). I managed to get Niv-Mizzet back on the board (after he had been killed a few rounds previously), and luckily, was left alone until my next turn. If I didn’t end the game on my turn, I was going to be the first player out of the game.

My first card draw, I directed the damage to kill my neighbor’s Mundungu, then…ENTER THE INFINITE. I crossed my fingers that no one had a counter spell, which no one did. I drew my entire library, consisting of over 80 cards (because I had recently shuffled my graveyard back into my library with another sorcery), and finished all 3 opponent’s games by killing them all. I have never shaken so much while playing Magic!


Next game. Considering how badly I really need to re-evaluate a lot of my Teneb deck, it did decently well last night.

I was able to dump some of my creatures into the graveyard (such as Obzedat, Souls of the Faultless, and Deathpact Angel), which over time allowed me to drop Boneyard Wurm and Ghoultree. I was finally able to use Teneb’s ability to pull things from the graveyard onto the battlefield under my control, and the first to join the party that way was Obzedat. Now that I’ve finally been able to play with him, I understand why he was (and is) worth so much. Once I had to drop Merciless Eviction if I even wanted a chance at winning, and it turned out to be a good move in the long run. The game ended with me at 42 life and the last player folded. If Teneb hit him once more (which he was going to), it was game over, anyways.

Games like that make me not feel like such a n00b. XD


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