My Name Is Kae, And I Am Addicted To Neverwinter


Ever since my husband first introduced me to World of Warcraft, I have been addicted to MMO’s. I tried out LOTRO for a while, but to my shock, is the one Lord of the Rings related ANYTHING that didn’t really hold my attention. It may be revisited in the future, but for now my heart belongs to…NEVERWINTER.

1. I’m already familiar with a lot of the concepts used after playing D&D and Pathfinder
2. Its FREE
3. Its beautiful and the customization is awesome
4. Its still free
5. I like actually dealing with traps and not exclusively “collect 10 of x” or “kill 10 of x”
6. …did I mention its FREE??

Swap out one addiction for another, I suppose.


Libraela – Half Elf Trickster Rogue

One of my favorite classes of all time to play, my heart was immediately drawn to the rogue class. Surprisingly powerful, the rogue in Neverwinter is much more self-capable than I expected. While I do down quite a few health potions as I sweep through my missions, she’s the one character I’ve played through as much (she’s level 16) that hasn’t died yet.

Serra Slashfaith – Halfling Great Weapon Fighter

…okay, I made this for fun. Who WOULDN’T laugh a bit at a Halfling wielding a sword 5x her size? Because I sure do. I just made this one on Friday for laughs, so I don’t have a whole lot to say about her yet. I just entered Protector’s Enclave with her.

Kaeryn – Half Orc Devoted Cleric

Ah, Clerics. I have always thought of myself as a Rogue/Warrior type player, but Clerics lately have won my heart. I love being self-sufficient, able to heal party members or strangers, and beat the holy (pun intended) shit out of anything I come across all at the same time. Kaeryn is blind, and I’m working on a back-story for her. Hoping to actually roll a half-orc cleric in a legit Pathfinder/D&D campaign in the future, and she will follow the same path. Currently, I am waiting for Raine to get his Half Orc Great Weapon Fighter up to my Cleric’s level (23rd) so that we can run together. It will be fun times, if I can pull him away from the PS3.

Phelia Demoneye – Tiefling Control Wizard

Phelia is the first character I rolled in Neverwinter. I don’t know much about Tieflings to be honest, but I do know that they are new as a playable race, and well…they look snazzy. I’ve also never played a Wizard before (if you count WoW Mage class, then sure). She’s pretty damn fun, though I appreciated the hell out of getting a Cleric companion to help keep my ass alive when I get swarmed. Currently, Phelia (level 20) is the character I am running with Raine’s Fighter until he reaches Kaeryn’s level.


So, certainly not a “review” of any sorts, but just my thoughts on current happenings in that area of my gaming world. But we can talk about some likes/dislikes about the game.


  • Going to play the FREE card again here
  • A lot of user-created content in regards to stories and such, I like reading all that
  • Detailed customization, down to scars, tattoos, and boob size. Hey, I like my characters having big boobs.
  • Unlike WoW, if you are getting murderized by some NPC’s, players are often helpful and y’know…heal you or don’t let you get your ass kicked.
  • Class/Race specific quests. Ones that are available throughout the game, and not just little things from class trainers. I loved/hated the Half-Orc discrimination going on in the Tower District.


  • The sparkly path. While there are times I appreciate it, I feel like I’m being led on like a child. I turn it off frequently.
  • I have a hard time getting “groups” for harder missions (I will admit this could be attributed to my fail-status at being social)
  • I wish there were more classes and races available, but I won’t be too harsh on this considering that it JUST had its official release out of Beta.
  • I don’t have more time to play. This is no fault of Perfect World, however.

If you like MMO’s and haven’t played Neverwinter yet, there really is no reason for you to not. Go to the Neverwinter site and download the game, make a free account, and get to your fantasy shennanigans. Besides the fact that I don’t have the money to deal with paying games right now, I’ll tell you that even when I had some game time…I still played Neverwinter. WoW is a discussion for another day, however.

What do you like/dislike about Neverwinter? What would you change if you could?


One thought on “My Name Is Kae, And I Am Addicted To Neverwinter

  1. Nice little mashup here. You really should do more reviews! Of course that would mean you need to *cough*PLAYMOREGAMES*cough*.

    I enjoy Neverwinter, but I can’t spend all my time on MMOs. The good thing about it is that it’s free, and it’s one of the best free-to-play games I’ve ever dabbled in. Up there, where you mention people helping you, I think that says a lot to the game’s credit. It think the reason why players help each other is because the game is fun. It’s fun to help others in your area. It’s not a tab-to-attack sort of game, and the mechanics make players want to be active.

    I really enjoy the game, though, and am very happy you’re liking it! I’ll put the PS3 down eventually and play more with you soon.


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