A Flame Re-Ignited


Something you are likely to see more frequently on this blog will be my drawings and sketches. Last night was somewhat of a re-birth for me, that was both terrifying and serene. I was up until nearly 5am sketching, doodling, watching some videos that have inspired me lately on Youtube, and just doing some pondering.

An update I posted on FB last night said this :

I look at art on a daily basis. Its part of who I am.

However, I haven’t really engaged in a lot of personal art lately. I draw tattoos when I need to maybe a half-ass sketch here and there.

Suddenly, my creativity woke up and is in overdrive, because I can’t sleep and for the first time in months, I’ve almost filled a sketchbook page.

Well, I did fill a sketchbook page, and then I did another half page. In fact, it is the image above and I even thought to record it and post it on my Youtube channel, as I’ve gotten so much inspiration and indirect encouragement from those who have done similar things there. I’m awful at video editing, so please forgive that.


I’m scared of drawing people, and perhaps we are all our own worst critics, so naturally, as I try to get back into it I started by drawing myself. Facial features (especially in a sketch/non-realistic form like graphite portraits) are something that I’ve always struggled with. I don’t feel that these came out too badly, though.This page evolved into a clusterf*ck of various subjects, but I was pleased with the outcome.

Whether someone’s passion lies in art, writing, crochet, cooking, scrapbooking, or whatever-else-you-might-be-into, I think that knowing how that hobby shapes you is important. And what’s even more important, is how crucial it is to nurture it. I’ve been in a great place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lately due to meditation and writing lately, but my artistic tendencies have felt blocked.

Last night, however, I broke down those walls. And my ideas are overflowing.

I don’t know how far my Youtube channel will take me in regards to art or tabletop or whatever else I decide to put up there, but if there’s something you’re interested in seeing drawn, I’m up for suggestions!

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