I’ve Started VEDA, And Its All MsDelaney’s Fault


We’ve discussed before that I am awkward in front of a camera and I become very nervous when recorded. I set off a while ago to overcome that, which resulted in one vlog and a couple of drawing videos to distract those actually waiting on me to come through.

A friend of mine, MsDelaney, decided to give VEDA a shot, and it took me the better part of yesterday to decide whether I was brave enough to jump on the bandwagon.

My first post wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it’d be, and I got some positive feedback, new subscribers, followed some new people, and that carried over onto Twitter as well.

Just posted my next one in which I talk about the stereotype that I fall into (well, one of them at least) and it is a lot about my nerdy interests and how I fell into gaming.

People that I’ve discovered so far that you should check out :


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