paintingLately, when I think about sitting down and painting, I find myself lost. Sometimes it is fear, sometimes it is just me holding back.

I can draw just about anything. Sometimes it needs reference, and sometimes it is just a matter of clearing my mind to doodle. And oftentimes, they are things asked of me, so the results aren’t random. They’re not very personal, and therefore, are the easiest things for me. I never thought that would be the case, but it is.

The things that -I- want to do, the images in my mind, are the ones I struggle with. Because I am exposing myself. My soul. My abilities.

I have plans to push my art over the next 6 months and possibly make a career out of my paintings, drawings, and crafts, but getting started is difficult, as I knew it would be. Its been so long since I’ve exposed myself like this.

I don’t know what she will turn into, but she is there. And its more than I’ve produced in a while.

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