Because I Said I Would, Week One

Last week I said that my first week of weekly promises for Because I Said I Would was that I would sketch out 5 paintings/drawings that I’d like to accomplish in 2014. Took me a while, but I finally got them laid out. The format is likely to change but the basic concepts of these are going to be solid.


The top left will be a cat portrait. The sketch doesn’t really clearly communicate the medium, because its likely to be ink/watercolor and not so rough. My focus will be the eyes.

Bottom left will likely be acrylics, the eye of Smaug. I hope to incorporate the reflection of Bilbo or Thorin’s face towards the right side of the eye, but that is yet to be determined 😉

Top right is a rose. This piece will be very flow-y. I plan to paint the rose like a Hocus Pocus rose. They are striped and beautiful, generally crimson and cream. Look them up

Middle right is a light piece but I will be making as simplistic as possible. My son has a stuffed monkey which I have named Mr. Bluenanners. He loves Batman, and I thought that dressing Bluenanners up as Batman in a piece of art for his bedroom would be awesome.

Bottom right is a sign I’d like to hang in my dining area to represent my love for tea and the pursuit of the words incorporated into it. I got the idea from the mugs you may have seen on Pinterest that say these things, but I want them in a flat canvas.


If I don’t, the Sha of Anger might kill this poor Pandaren.

I’ve drawn my promise for the next week. I will share 7 pieces of art that I’ve not shown before.

This is somewhat subjective because I’ve had friends present while ruffling through my unorganized portfolios so its possible that a few people may have seen some of them, but I plan to delve into my binders, sketchbooks, and more, and find works that haven’t seen the light of day and share them.

I plan to upload 1 per day here on this blog, with a little (?) blurb about the story behind it. I may post them on Instagram leading you back here, as well 😉
[My schedule got a little crazy this week, so these are likely to all be posted on Wednesday when I draw my next week’s card]

The January Cure has gone well so far. I’m still contemplating what project I’m going to focus on for the month, but I think that this whole thing will give me a great start for the new year.


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