Artsy Updates and Changes

I am FANTASTIC at updating my blog. Like…so good at it.

kae is bad at blogging

Moving on…

I’m going to need to keep up with this blog a bit more in the near future because I am hoping to actually get some more visitors soon! Many readers here know that I am a tattoo artist (that took a break upon a move to Texas), a mother, half of Initiative : Tabletop, and an artist. Some changes have happened and are happening that will *hopefully* increase the need to update places like this more often. So, huzzah!

#1 – Publication??

I was recently commissioned for 2 projects that involved me using my artistic abilities for some children’s books! I never thought my first publication would go in that direction but I will take it! It has been an honor to work on these projects. The first one I still cannot share as I am still under a NDA for it, but there will be an update about that once I can talk about it.

The other is a small book about a little girl named Kylie. This book is currently available in Kindle format and can be purchased on Amazon!

Cool, right? I was pretty stoked. Who am I kidding…I’m still stoked! Do you know how cool it is to type your name into Amazon and something actually show up?

#2 Another Tattoo Shop

An opportunity has somewhat accidentally fell in my lap in regards to tattooing. A small shop not too far from where I live isn’t crazy busy right now but does need an additional artist. I figured this would give me a great in to this local community, and give me a legit place to work on those that are wanting work from me now.

#3 Getting My Art Groove Back On!

Doing work to get these books published as well as the opportunity to get back into a tattoo shop has really got my creative gears turning. In fact, I’ve done a few paintings recently and am going to be doing video recordings of said paintings. I did this painting a few days ago…

20 Sides to Every Story 11

20 Sides to Every Story 11″x14″ Acrylics on Canvas

And I did a video of it! Check it out. And subscribe to my Youtube channel!

That’s all the updates I have for you today! I have a video going up on my Youtube channel for Mother’s Day, so make sure you’re subscribed!

This post contains affiliate links to help support my art. Thanks!

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