Inspirational Finds – Japanese fairy tale and more!

Hey all! Just wanted to drop in and share some things I’ve come across this past week that have inspired me or I just thought were really creative!

There is a wikipedia entry about a Japanese fairy tale called The Boy Who Drew Cats. Long story short, a farmer’s kid only draws cats and is sent away to a temple where he is told that he should pursue as an artist (great advice!). However he doesn’t return home. He ends up in another abandoned temple where he, you guessed it, drew cats – on the walls. He doesn’t know that a goblin-rat has chased off the previous tenants. When he wakes up, his cat drawings have blood on their mouths and the goblin-rat is dead. He is revered as a hero and becomes a famous artist – that only draws cats.

Found a blog post over at Craftsy about adding watercolor calligraphy to the background of your paintings. The tutorial is great, but I just cannot get over how beautifully detailed the whipped cream in the painting is!watercolor calligraphy craftsy

Some amazing abstract paintings by Paul Juno in a series called Matter and energy interacting in an arena of space and time. I just got lost in the beautiful color and patterns.

I’ve got a little one, so when I found Lil Blue Boo’s blog, I fell in love. So many good tips on painting with kids and how to let them be creative without having to be a helicopter. No one thrives like that!

I don’t normally do a lot of sewing but I’m seeing more and more projects that I want to try. I think the first one I’m going to try here soon is this shirt to skirt refashion by It’s Always Autumn. My husband just retired a black polo, and I can always use more skirts!

I really love this painting called Miho, It Is Over. While there isn’t much information on the background of the piece, I feel like this when i complete a painting. Paint all over my fingers and a sigh of relief.

And finally for any artists out there…How To Stay Motivated When Your Blog Is Invisible *cough*likemine*cough*

Hoping to do some work tonight to share with you in a couple of days!



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