Bubbles and a New Abstract

I’ve not done an Illustration Friday topic in a while, so I figured it was about time. The topic this week was “Airborne”. My kiddo has been on a bubble kick for a while, so it was the first thing that came to mind. I also decided to tackle this in watercolor, and I am still not entirely familiar with the medium. I don’t think it came out badly, but I do think that I will be doing some more smaller studies of bubbles! They’re more difficult than they seem.

Bubbles by Kae Hutchens

‘Bubbles’ 4″x9″

Decided to set up at the easel this week as well and get to work on covering some old canvases I wasn’t happy with. Did something I’ve seen some other artists I enjoy do and randomly picked 3 colors from my paint box to work with. I figured I’d need to pull out white to accompany it all, but didn’t need to. Pulled out an ivory, purple, and a mint green. I thought about doing more to this to deepen the contrast but I think I will leave this one and experiment with that in another painting. I also used some ink for this piece.

Misty Morning 16"x20"

Misty Morning

Don’t know what this next week holds, but we will see! Thank you to those that have recently followed my blog, and I hope you enjoy the ride!


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