Dragon Maker – new medium combos

dragon maker sketchI’ve had this piece of watercolor paper done with a pink wash sitting on my desk for AGES. I don’t even remember why I washed the sheet pink. Anyways, decided to do something with it today! I am used to using Microns but decided to give the old pen and nib a shot with this one. I’ve not done a large piece with it before, and I felt like playing around while my son used his watercolor set next to me (the smudge of purple on the left side is courtesy of him trying to help).

While I am happy with the end result (below) I was disappointed that the ink ran so much! It wasn’t supposed to react that way when it was dry. Maybe I didn’t let it dry long enough? I don’t know. I’m not giving up, though. I love the combination of ink and watercolor and would like to get better at it. Until then, here is my piece for today called Dragon Maker.


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