Herman, in Watercolor

A few years ago, my grandma and her sister approached me to illustrate a short story written by their late brother. It was my first illustration job, though the publication was only going to be within the family. It was about a peacock named Herman who could not do the peacock yell…and only hiccuped when he tried.

Herman the Hiccuping Peacock

I never wanted to draw another peacock again.

However, I follow an account on Instagram called @the_art_competition and this week’s theme is…peacocks.

My initial thought was to revisit the book, snag the basic line art from one of the nicest images, and redo it in marker or watercolor. I had done it with sharpie and colored pencil and…well, you know how you look back on projects and think “dang, I should’ve approached that differently”? This was one of them.

However, I decided that since I’ve been adventurous lately that I would do a freehand, original piece. I browsed google images for some references on head shape and such, and set to work.

Watercolor frustrates me because I am not a patient person, though I want to be. Maybe somehow, watercolor will teach it to me. Anyway, I laid down a pencil sketch and started with layers of color and forced myself to walk away. I left the inking to the last step because of what happened with ‘Dragon Maker’. It was a happy accident…but I wanted this one to be cleaner.

"Herman" 9"x12"

“Herman” 9″x12″

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this piece. What made me even more excited is that a family member might possibly buy it or a print of it! How exciting :3

That’s all I have for today! ❤

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