Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

My husband approached me about a tattoo design and I agreed to it with the condition that he had to let me redesign it and do it in a watercolor version. He agreed to this and I set to work. If you follow my art page on Facebook or my Instagram account, you probably saw the progress shots of this piece.


Heavy Is The Head

It is based on lyrics by an all-female band called Conquer Divide. They’re AWESOME, but I digress. He gave me a rough sketch with a very different layout from this and this is what I came up with. I’ve never taken a tattoo pre-application and did a full scale painting in watercolor. I’ve done a couple ink wash pieces but not necessarily how I’d apply them.

I really want to give this watercolor style a shot, though I am worried about how it will turn out on him due to some skin issues we’ve ran into with other tattoos. It is aggravating when your most available canvas has difficulty healing properly! I know it frustrates him too, I just wish I knew what to do.

I’m working on a couple of other projects, such as finishing up an OOOOLD commission and a new piece for the same client, as part of wedding decor. I’m hoping to make a couple of dreamcatchers in the near future, too. I just have so many jewelry pieces that there’s no excuse for me to not.

Also, will be modifying an old hat to make a tricorn pirate hat for the renaissance fair in October 😉


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