Pen and Ink…Never Stop Learning

While I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, I do feel that I have a pretty good grasp on pen and ink techniques. However, I recently started using ink/pen/nib and I could use with practice. Around the time I started using these, a tweet came across my newsfeed about a free workshop for those wanting to learn more about, or start, pen and ink drawings. I popped on over, signed up, and scheduled some time to do the first lessons. It is being taught by Alphonoso Dunn and hosted by Strathmore Artists’ Papers. Click here to see the workshop and register!

The first week is mostly talking about supplies, simple patterns, and creating textures. Also, moving from drawing solid shapes to giving a shape some dimension and texture by creating the edges with the pattern.

This first week, I used a strathmore drawing pad that I had already, but it wasn’t heavy weight drawing paper (it was medium) and it showed. My ink bled in some areas, but it wasn’t awful. I’ll be doing future week’s work on bristol.

This took up a nice chunk of my afternoon yesterday, and I enjoyed the challenge of returning to basics. I am gearing up for INKtober next month, so the ink refresher course is welcomed! If you have a suggestion of something I should draw for INKtober and I do it, I will mail it to you! US residents, please πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Pen and Ink…Never Stop Learning

    • Thank you, Brian! If you have the time, I’d highly encourage you to check out the class! It says that the instructor will be available to respond to questions for the next month πŸ™‚

      Also, thank you for following my blog!

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