Knife Painting With Atelier Interactive Acrylic

A while back, Atelier posted an offer through their Facebook page for a free sample of their acrylic paints. I normally pass up offers like this after getting too many of what I would hesitate to call TUBES of paint. (one “tube” was comparable to a french fry – size and grease alike). However, after looking through the comments, I thought it might be a worthy offer, so I submitted my info. A few weeks later I got a package with two 2.7fl oz  tubes of paint – one titanium white, one pthalo blue) and a 2oz bottle of an Unlocking Formula medium.

However, the mood had not struck me to use them, nor did I have a subject matter.

A lot of knife painting photos have been popping up in my Pinterest feed lately. I did a knife painting in oil a long time ago, and while it did not come out well as I was still learning about color and oils weren’t my favorite medium, I loved the application process. Why I’ve not applied that with acrylics before now…I couldn’t tell you.

atelier acrylics wip 1Super light, but here is my concept sketch and where it stands right now. I have come back and “reactivated” the paint using the unlocking formula to continue building up the background, and it was pretty cool seeing this dried paint come back to life. I’ll be using another brand of paint for the tulip itself, so my experimenting is about done, but I will probably do a smaller piece where I’ll use the medium to delay the drying time to see how that goes.

I’ve been really comfortable using Liquitex Basics acrylic paint for years, and it really is a nice brand of paint for the price, but my impressions as of right now of these Atelier paints is a great one. I’d highly consider buying more of their product. The paint is thick and creamy and vibrant. If you get the chance to try these out, I’d highly recommend them!

I plan to finish this piece over the weekend, so be watching here and my Facebook page for the final product!


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