Finally Settled…Again

So LOTS of insanity happened since my last post. Two days after, I left the tattoo shop with lots on my agenda. We had plans to stop at my mother-in-law’s house to exchange some clothes, make the long trek back to TX, rent a UHAUL cargo trailer, drive back and unload it, then turn around up to Wisconsin for my great-grandmother’s 100th birthday party. It was a tight schedule but we had it all laid out and the finances to back it all up.

About 10 minutes outside of Bloomington, our plans changed, however. I’ll spare all the gritty details, but we were involved in a 3 vehicle wreck that totalled all 3 cars. The friends we had stayed with in Bloomington that weekend were already on their way to pick us up before I even knew that my husband had called them, and we were all pretty rattled. Thankfully no major injuries (my husband’s shoulder was pretty sore and he got a small cut on his thumb) but we were still without a car and stranded. My parents pulled some strings which resulted in my dad packing most of our stuff and driving it up to us. What an amazing dad, yeah? I’m proud to call him mine. Not only that, he took us up to Wisconsin so we wouldn’t miss the party. Our friends proved to be as awesome as we thought they were and coordinated helping us get my husband to work until we got a vehicle of our own. We are now equipped with another car, in our new home in Bloomington, and settling back into a new normal.


I’ve been back in the shop most days of the week, though I’m doing a lot of appointment-only work. Having a 4 year old with ya and only one vehicle somewhat restricts my availability, but I’ve still been on top of it. Above is a fun little coverup I did the other week in tribute to the client’s son.


Watercolor tattoos seem to be all the rage nowadays, so I’ve been actively seeking out people who want them just to practice. Some really fun ones have come out like this awesome Tolkien-inspired piece, and the Disney/Mermaid piece below.


Hoping to actually do some PAINTING this week *gasp* and make use of my new studio room. I’ll share photos on my next post of my new creative space. Until next time!


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