Springboard – Scribble Doodles

Before anyone asks, yes, I did absolutely take this idea from watching Mary Doodles on Youtube!

You make a scribble on a piece of paper and look hard at it and turn it into a full blown drawing! I knew this would result in work that isn’t normally what I’d do, but while I’ve had many ideas, I’ve failed at following through with them. So, I made a scribble in my sketchbook and one on a separate sheet of paper, and slept on my ideas.

In the first photo, I did take a picture of the scribble pre-drawing. It was originally going to be a woman embracing a child, but it turned into an angel doing the same. As I worked I decided to finally use the materials from May’s Sketchbox, too.

scribble doodle1

Pretty much everything was inked with the Pentel Color Brush, with minor details done with the Prismacolor fine line pen. For details on the dress and the white in the background, I used the Montana Acrylic Paint Pens (black and white), and I liked these a lot. The background was brushed on with Daler-Rowney’s pearlescent liquid acrylic. It did cause this paper to buckle a bit, but when I started I didn’t think about using a wet medium so…that was my own fault. The tool I liked working with the least was the Derwent Graphik line painter (red). I just had a hard time keeping the paint flowing through the pen. Either I wasn’t using it correctly or it is just finicky…either way, I don’t see a lot of it in future finished pieces. It will probably remain a sketch/practice tool.

scribble doodle2

I’m actually kind of sad that I didn’t think to take a before photo of this scribble. I ended up turning it and saw the large cat eye closest to the viewer and just kinda ran with it. I also used the Pentel Color Brush for the entirety of this. I have this habit, as many artists do, of wanting to discard anything that isn’t perfect. I like drawing cats but if the perspective isn’t right, I tend to throw it out or paint over it. This gave me a chance to have fun with a stylized approach. This one was really fun.

Related to the artist complex I referred to above, I am going to try to do these on a somewhat regular basis, scribble at night and draw during the day – and I may continue to do one piece in my sketchbook (where I’m ALLOWED to make errors! YAY!) and one on an individual sheet. I’ll probably be posting these more regularly on my Instagram, too, so make sure to follow me there if you aren’t already!


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