About The Artist

20151001_161150My name is Kae Hutchens, and I reside in Indiana. I am a mother, artist, gamer (video, PC, and tabletop), foodie, and cat-lover. I love my family, playing games, cooking, and finding new ways to be creative. I’m a DIY sort of person who will always look for a way to make before I buy.

I am an artist with no formal training (outside of tattooing), but I love to experiment – which is what I think art is really all about. I love “happy accidents” and a minimal amount of chaos in my work. I’ve used -many- mediums, but my favorites right now are acrylic paint, ink, watercolor, and tattoo. I’ve been tattooing professionally since 2005, and love the honor of having my work live on someone’s skin.

I can be contacted via email (kae.n.hutchens@gmail.com) or at any of the following social media sites.

Facebook (art page)
Facebook (tattoo profile)


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